Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Science of Wine Tasting : A Discussion Panel

La SFP sera partenaire de l’évènement "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Science of Wine Tasting : A Discussion Panel" lors d’ICPS 2019. Un regard croisé entre science et professionnels du vin.

Synopsis : “Wine has been with us since the dawn of civilization”(Chambers & Pretorius, 2010) and many of its psychological effects are since well-known. Though the practice of wine tasting is ancient, modern science – and notably cognitive science – provides a deeper insight on psychological processes involved in wine tasting. In addition, professional wine producers and tasters use more and more complex and specialized techniques and terminologies to create and describe the characteristics of wine. Nowadays, wine tasting is still a matter of pleasure but the words and models we use to describe this experience and the psychophysical processes involved are more and more sophisticated.
The objective of this panel is to discuss the current understanding of wine tasting across science and the commercial wine world. To this end, a pioneering psychologist, Professor Charles Spence, specializing on the multisensory nature of taste and wine appreciation, as well as a professionals of wine tasting have been invited to discuss the perspective of their respective fields on the appreciation and enjoyment of wine, coordinated by a wine scholar and broadcaster, Professor Barry Smith. Some of the key questions the panel will be addressing involve : Tasting is defined as a sensory examination and evaluation of wine. What are the different stages and what are the psychological mechanisms involved in these stages ? We have all noticed in our daily life that wine tasting is a personal experience. Thus, the appreciation of a given wine may differ between people. How wine maker take these individual differences in wine appreciation into account ? What does science make of individual differences in wine tasting ? Finally, are there cultural differences on the appreciation of wine ? If so, how can we explain these differences ?